About Us

We are a small independent business based in Belfast, Northern Ireland with over 18 years in the motor trade industry. We are fully mobile and complete the job on site (customers home or place of work) and cover the whole region of Northern Ireland. We realize that most people don't have the time in their hectic lives to leave vehicles off at repair workshops for the entirety of the day, organize a taxi back home and then another to pick up their vehicle later in the evening again.

While working for some of the bigger named workshops we soon realized when customers left their vehicles in for a gearbox service that unbeknown to the customer, the workshop technicians where only able to remove and replace around 40% of the gearbox oil and top up with new oil. The gearbox problems that the customers left their vehicles in with where still there when the vehicle was leaving the workshop as not all the oil had been replaced.


When we dug a little deeper we found a reputable company that made a machine that enabled the technician to replace 100% of the gearbox oil thus removing all contaminants from the transmission and replacing with clean fresh oil and enabling the gearbox to run and change gear smoothly again.  

In 2018 Mega Flush was born.

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